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Natural Gas Service

The Everly Municipal Utilities offers Natural Gas to residents within Everly. 

Natural gas is odorless in its natural state.  We add a disagreeable smell to alert you if any gas should escape.  Gas leaks can occur in faulty appliances, loose connections, gas service lines inside or outside, or from gas mains.  gas leaks can be dangerous and should be reported to the utility at once.

If you smell gas, even if your house is not equipped with gas appliances, take the following precautions:  Call City Hall at 712-834-2600, if the odor is strong, and indoors, go outside and call from a neighbors house, do not turn electrical switches on or off, do not light matches, smoke or create any source of combustion.  
The Everly Municipal Utilities offers its customers a budget billing plan.  This plan allows your average gas usage to be spread over 12 months.  By averaging your usage it prevents high bills in the winter and low bills in the summer, giving you a more predictable monthly bill.  Contact City Hall to sign up for budget billing.




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