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The Everly Municipal water system began operations in 1921 with the first well and initial main lines and fire hydrants.

Since that time the system as undergone several expansions and upgrades.  The water treatment plant and well in use today were put online in 1976.  the latest upgrade occurred in 2001 and included a new 100 thousand gallon elevated storage tank, looping of dead-end lines, additional fire hydrants, and a nitrate removal system.

Since the ion exchange nitrate removal system went online in August of 2001 the nitrate level in the Everly drinking water has been, on average, 2.0 mg/l.  The maximum level allowed by law is 10 mg/l.  Additional treatment includes the addition of chlorine and fluoride.  the utility also exersies valves and flushes fire hydrants on an annual schedule as part of the O&M plan to keep the system in good shape and the water quality far above mandated standards.  Everlly Municipal Utilities has recently begun the preliminary engineering phase of another upgrade to replace aging fire hydrants and loop the remaining dead-end lines in the system.  The plans should be ready for bid in the spring of 2010.

2010 Everly Water Quality Report

2011 Everly Water Quality Report


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